Spyros & Elena

Here is a special occasion! The groom-to-be has lived in Patras since he was born. But the bride-to-be comes from the dreamy Karpenissi with the breathtaking scenery and the heavenly view all around. The lovely couple, Spyros and Elena, couldn’t have thought of any other place for their engagement photo shoot. Where else? The beautiful city of Patras is the place they were first met. We walked around their favorite locations just to recall all the sweet memories they have experienced throughout the years. I¬†captured some romantic and gentle moments and became a part of their truly deep love. Gerokostopoulou stairs was one of the places where we all walked and some amazing pictures that reflected the urban side of the photo shoot. The couple’s will was to combine both the sea and the forest beauty, so Dasyllio and Marina were the ideal areas to fulfill their desire. It was an forgettable prewedding photo shoot!


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